Marketing Checklist for Startups

Marketing Checklist for Startups
Written by Micah Phillips

Recently, there is a tendency to create a variety of checklists for all areas of work. A checklist is a list of actions that must be completed before starting a project. In other words, this is what you should think about before launching your project on the market, attracting customers and making active sales.

Of course, all this will not guarantee a dizzying successful result, but will greatly increase the chances of it. So here.

Startup Marketing Checklist

1. Marketing research

We will not stop repeating that “marketing takes all decisions in the market.” This phrase should be understood by every marketer. Therefore, in the absence of research, there should not be follow-up actions. It is very obvious, in this Laboratory of business knows a lot. We mean the following marketing research:

• Analysis of the market, the general situation, economic factors.
• Analysis of target segments, demand, unclosed needs.
• Analysis of competitors, suppliers, other players.
• An analysis of the relationship of markets that affect your segment.

Testing the hypothesis of the market – whether your product will be sold for the reason why you plan to sell it. since at first he combines different positions and uses various tools. It is possible to conduct a very detailed desk study even at your workplace, for this you only need a computer and the Internet. How? Contact the company who can provide you best digital marketing solutions where will find out everything.

2. Description of the target audience

Now the distribution of the target audience according to criteria such as man / woman, age, education and wealth is completely out of date. Currently, there is a tendency to create customer avatars. And this actually works, as it adds an element of personalization to the market appeal.

What is called a customer avatar? This avatar is a detailed collective image of the representative of each target segment of your area. This is the name, brand of the car, specific work, a description of the family in detail, a hobby and what the client likes to do on the weekend.

3. Consumer market

Who will be your customer? Where? Why? At what price? Why is it with you, and not with competitors? These are the main questions and they need to be answered before your startup is launched.

4. Marketing plan and promotion program

At this stage, it is necessary to prescribe with the help of which information channels, on which media and formats, and with which advertising message you will influence the desired target audience. It is necessary to evaluate the scope, frequency, and find or come up with certain activities in which to take part.

5. Business plan

This paragraph does not speak entirely about marketing, but still everyone should have a business plan. You should identify the main points of your plan to capture the market, for example:

• Budget;
• Staff;
• Industrial base;
• Raw materials;
• Suppliers;
• The room;
• Partners;
• Sales system.

And also another – all that is not included in the above paragraphs. Paragraphs 2-5 follow from paragraph 1. If a detailed analysis of the market is carried out, then all the remaining paragraphs will be determined at least partially.

6. Customer search and test sales

Now you need to try to realize all that has been analyzed, described and spelled out. Try to sell the resulting new product to the market. Even if it has not yet been worked out to the end. You must find at least one client, at least through one channel of communication. You should try to apply it on yourself, what it can be. Many forget about the moment, and if they remember, then most people stop at this stage.


Approximately a similar checklist should act if you find a fresh and interesting topic. Need to search, read, analyze, and test. Then we decide whether we need it and whether it makes sense to go in this direction.

Let’s hope that this checklist will be able to benefit you, reduce budget costs, and reduce the time and effort spent.