How to Create a Job Application Form Online Free

How to create an online application form
Written by Micah Phillips

Online application forms are particular types of online forms that are used to collect essential data for the primary filtration of candidates. You need to fill up an application form during applying for a job, license, bank loan, courses, and more.

Application forms save time for employers since they can gather all necessary data altogether. It also helps to decide either the applicant is eligible for the task or not.

This article will let you learn to create an online job application form. Check it out thoroughly.

Outline of an application form

Several types of application forms and formats are available on the internet. You can use any of them as your requirements.

Since we are going to create a job application form, we need to outline it first. Our form will include fields and subfields like the following.

# Personal information

This field will contain candidates’ names, addresses (city, state, and zip) and contact information like phone numbers and emails.

You may also include an option to attach the recent photograph.

# Applying position

You can include specific queries in this field, such as the desired position, employment type, possible date to join, and expected salary.

# Educational qualification

Ask to submit his/her educational qualification, including the institution name, location, the passing year, name of the degree, and the major subject.

# References

Let the candidate use some references in this field. Remember that the persons should have either a business or professional relationship with this candidate. Ask to submit their name, job / professional title, company, phone number, and email.

# Employment history

This is an unavoidable field to judge if the candidate is eligible for the job. Include subfields like the employer, job title, address, phone number, starting, and ending date. Create several sections for experienced candidates.

# Signature and disclaimer

Finally, let the candidate have a declaration and put his signature on the form.

Creating an online job application form free

We will make the form free of cost and easily. That’s why Google Form is the perfect tool to accomplish the task.

Follow these steps as we mention.

Step 1: Go to the search bar and type “Google forms” and go to the first link on the search result page. Click on “Go to Google Form” after the page opens.

Step 2: You will be asked to sign-in to Google. After that, a page will open with several form templates. However, we will click on “Blank” since we are going to create a custom form.

Step 3: A blank form template will open. Give the form a title and description. Right after the title, find an editable field named “Question.” Click on it to add your desired field name.

Step 4: After renaming, open the drop-down menu on the right side. Choose your desired format of submitting the responses such as “short answer,” “paragraph,” “multiple choice” or “checkboxes.”

Step 5: Create several fields following your application outline just by clicking on the plus sign [+] on the right side.

Step 6: Now go to the “Responses” slide and create a new spreadsheet to gather all information filled by candidates.

Finally, we have created a basic online application form. You can add more fields to collect further information.

Hope you like the blog on creating online job application form using google forms.