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Facebook Messenger Marketing 101: Tips and Tricks that Work in 2021

Written by Micah Phillips

Social media giant Facebook has innovated through years and it isn’t just a simple platform to communicate and connect with family and friends. It has now become one of the best platforms helping the eCommerce industry through the use of Messenger marketing.

Currently, there are about 130 million Facebook Messenger users in the United States alone and it is expected to increase at more than 138 million by 2022, according to a report from Statista.

Currently, there are about 130 million Facebook Messenger users in the United States alone and it is expected to increase at more than 138 million by 2022, according to a report from Statista.

Did you know that there are more people using the top four messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber compared to the top four social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn every month? This data came from a report from BI Intelligence.

If you want to get the most out of your Facebook Messenger, now’s the time to build a chat bot and learn how to utilize them like a pro and below, we’ll discuss how you’ll become one. There’s a huge potential to reach your audience through Facebook Messenger using free chatbots.

Here are Facebook Messenger marketing tips and tricks that work in 2019:

1. Deliver your content

You can segment and personalize your content delivery using chatbots. It can be true that the most common approach to deliver content is through email but according to Hubspot’s study, Facebook Messenger is the best alternative to it. Its study shows that the Messenger strategy has a 619% higher click rate and a 242% higher open rate compared to email.

Now, you can offer to have your content delivered to your audience and customers by making chatbots for your Facebook Messenger.

2. Combine your Messenger chatbot with Facebook Live comments

Facebook Messenger chatbots are considered as one of the most powerful tools to increase your engagement with your existing audience and new leads. You can combine your chatbot with a Facebook Live to help you provide your audience with an experience that is engaging and would help you increase sales.

An excellent example is planning a launch for a new product, or announcing a promotion and connecting a chatbot to your Facebook Live through the comments feature. When a user comments on your Facebook Live, they would receive a message from your chatbot and can walk users through the conversion process.

3. Facebook Messenger Chat blasting

Facebook Messenger chat blasts yield 62.9% open rate and 18.1% response rate on average. Chat blasting is an essential trick and an effective growth hack that would rule Facebook Messenger marketing for the next five years.

You can think of it like an email blast, only you send it out via the Messenger which also increases your ROI (return of investment). Chat blasting is an excellent way to do the following:

● Maintain engagement with your loyal audience
● Chatbot sequence allows your audience to segment themselves
● Automate drip sequences to increase the level of engagement

Take a look at the image below as an example of chat blasting:

Facebook Messenger Chat blasting

4. Subscription messaging

Facebook Messenger allows you to send free promotional messages to a user within 24 hours of the first connection. However, after 24 hours have passed, you can send additional promotional messages as sponsored ads.

Your Messenger contacts can opt to sign up for a subscription to your messages and receive updates via the Messenger.

As an example, you can send your contacts a chat blast to catch your audience’s attention or interests for an increase in engagement or send promotional content for your products or services.

5. Click to Messenger ads

What is a click to Messenger ads? This is a Facebook ad where the conversation’s action is “Send Message,” instead of clicking on an offer — the user would be able to send you a message on Messenger.

When users convert your Messenger ad, your chatbot takes over by having an interactive conversation with them and persuading them user down the funnel of your choice. Take a look at the example below.

Click to Messenger ads

This kind of interaction is more compelling compared to a simple offer on your landing page and you can also build
a chatbot so your users can choose to talk to a real support agent anytime.

6. Use Messenger chatbots to conduct surveys

Facebook Messenger is one of the most efficient ways to collect feedback from your customers using survey chatbots. This chatbot allows you to ask for or send your customers surveys after any transaction made such as download, purchase, or registration.

Chatbots make it easier for your customers to give feedback because they only need to make a few taps on their Messenger to complete the survey.

An excellent example would be the research conducted by the Michigan State University with YouGov, they tested a set of consumer electronics survey that was administered on Facebook Messenger compared to YouGov’s traditional email-based pane. The study shows that 76% of the respondents completed the survey using Messenger as reported by Pacific Lutheran University.

7. Equip your bot to complete purchases

According to a report from SuperOffice, J.D. Power found out that 42% of customers prefer to use live chat compared to other channels of communication. This is because communication using online chats and messaging apps are more convenient and faster to use.

An example would be 1-800 Flowers’ chatbot, it prompts the customers to order flowers or talk to a customer support agent via Facebook Messenger. Their customers can add details such as the recipient’s name and delivery address without having to leave the application cutting out extra steps during purchase.

8. Use a Facebook post autoresponder

You can use Facebook post autoresponder to take your organic posts to a higher notch. Placing an autoresponder in a specific post will help you send a follow-up message to anyone who leaves a comment on it. This is an excellent way to keep the conversation going and maximizing your Facebook posts.

When a user responds to your message they will automatically be added on your messenger contact list that would allow you to send them informative and relevant messages.

One example is using an autoresponder to build your Facebook Messenger contact list and this would help you maximize chat blasting or sending information such as product launch or new promotions.

9. Deliver event reminders

You can utilize Facebook Messenger to send your audiences an event reminder to attend events like a webinar or a Facebook Live broadcast. Social Media Examiner found out that reminders sent using Messenger chatbot get an 82% open rate compared to email.

In addition, 37% of the people who clicked on the reminder sent via Facebook Messenger attended. Getting an alert or reminder through mobile phones are more compelling and timely compared to notifications from emails.

As an example, you can send your Messenger contacts a reminder about a new product launch you’re having or an event you’re hosting near their location, this would spark interest because they are within the area.

10. Streamline appointments and bookings

Facebook Messenger chatbots can now make tasks such as booking an appointment or making reservation easier. For example, Sephora’s Messenger chatbot can book its customers for a makeover appointment or help them look up reservations.

This is one of the easiest ways to serve customers and lessen the hassle of waiting in line over a phone call just to make or confirm an appointment.

Streamline appointments and bookings

These tips and tricks can help you achieve your Facebook Messenger marketing goals. However, it is also essential that you keep up with the latest technologies and trends when it comes to increasing your audience and ROI. This would also help you improve the effectiveness of your Facebook Messenger marketing strategies.