Infographic: Which E-Commerce Platform Is The Best Choice For Your Online Store?

Which E-Commerce Platform Is The Best Choice For Your Online Store
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If you have anything to sell, whether it is a service or a product, a website is now a necessary tool. With a website, you can have a listing of services, as well as a gallery of products. You can also add a shopping cart. An eCommerce site is a website which includes all these things, including some other add-ons to make it easier for the visitor to buy.

Setting up an eCommerce site is now easier than ever with the right software or plugin. The most popular eCommerce CMS or plugins are Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion. These tools power roughly half of the world’s eCommerce sites. The rest of the world’s eCommerce sites either use software which have a smaller number of installations, customized apps, or are built in-house.

It is interesting to note that WordPress has almost 60% market share of all CMS. This translates to almost 30% usage for websites. The clincher is that there are a lot of plugins available. Among these plugins, Woocommerce still has an almost 40% market share of all websites.

Compared to Woocommerce, the other platforms have much lower market shares. The second most popular CMS, is Magento with 6% market share. Among the other popular platforms include Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion.

These platforms have different value added propositions, and it isn’t easy to choose an eCommerce platform for your online store. Some are better for small businesses, others have better galleries, and then there are those which integrate with other plugins. Sometimes there are tools that have additional plugins for SEO and analytics.

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The following infographic shows the most popular websites and their features. It is highly advisable to check them out and see which one is best suited for the business you have in mind.

Which E-Commerce Platform Is The Best Choice For Your Online Store?

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