5 Best CCTV Security Camera System to Secure Your Business

Best CCTV Security Camera System to Secure Your Business
Written by Ratnesh

Any business is incomplete without security systems. You might wonder how installing a CCTV system will complete a business firm. The answer to that is Security.

Security is not just about the space and protecting it from any kind of robbery and threats. It is a term wider in context when looked at the business as a whole.

To justify what has been just said, security is also for the people involved with the business and the materials present within the business, be it important documents, projects or even electronics.

A CCTV Surveillance System works as a watchdog taking care of all the happenings within your space and ensures that it keeps you informed about everything in order to avoid any kind of damage to anything or anyone who is a part of the business.

There are a lot of CCTV Systems available in the market for you to choose from. Each one has its own features that make it different from the rest. Deciding which one is the best for your space is indeed a task! We’ve tried to make it easier for you by listing down the best 5 security camera systems that will help secure your business.

1. Dome CCTV Camera

Dome CCTV Camera

Dome cameras are frequently used for both indoor as well as outdoor security. One of the main reasons behind this is because they have wide coverage and can all together cover a larger area under its lens which in turn will help the user to keep an eye on the entire space using a single camera.

They are available in both wired and wireless connections which make them even more convenient to use as the right one can be chosen according to the need of the space.

Some of the other characteristics of the dome camera are LED Array, High Resolution, Digital Camera, etc. They are also widely known for their pocket-friendly rates and long functional life.


● Sustaining and long lasting
● Supports both wired and wireless connection
● Discreet


● Lengthy installation
● Comparatively smaller range
● Fewer installation options

2. Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera-Best CCTV Security Camera System to Secure Your Business

The bullet camera is yet another very well-known and reliable type of camera. It is highly recommended for the look it holds which is very stylish and trendy.

The “bullet-like” shape has a reason behind it, i.e. they are shaped in that way not just to make them look good but they also are functionally better as they can perfectly fit the corners of a room without any chances of disturbance.

There also are several features of the camera that make them even better. These include their long range, high resolution, adjustable varifocal lens, etc.


● Wider and longer range
● Sleek look
● Easy installation


● Comparatively lesser durable
● May bring in birds
● Easily Vandalised

3. Day/Night CCTV Camera

Day/Night CCTV Camera-Best CCTV Security Camera System to Secure Your Business

The Day/Night CCTV cameras are specially designed cameras that can properly function in both day time as well as night time.

Where regular cameras usually support only normal, well-lit lightings, these cameras can effectively work even in poorly lit surroundings and in complete dark spaces i.e. at night too.

These cameras are very much adjustable to light, be it direct sunlight, glare or even reflections. They can record and capture a clear, properly visible footage in any kind of lighting.

This unique feature makes the camera ideal for outdoor spaces where usually the chances of varied lighting are more.


● Supports varied lighting
● Automatically adjustable
● Weatherproof


● Lack of infrared technology can lead to unclear vision.
● Unclear vision might not be able to record videos.

4. HD CCTV Camera

HD CCTV Camera-Best CCTV Security Camera System to Secure Your Business

High Definition cameras always work as a plus in comparison to the regular ones. Any kind of camera, be it bullet or dome, if they are adjoined with HD cameras, they make the footage better and thus the entire process and function of the CCTV system enhance.

HD cameras can be installed to capture clearer videos which can later be used to spot even the minutest mistake. They enable extra zoom in wherein the video quality is not at all compromised even after the extreme zoom.

Another important characteristic of the HD camera is that it very well supports large area coverage. Usually, when the camera is wide angled but is not HD, the wide angle doesn’t really turn out to be helpful as the video quality remains poor. And in cases like these, HD Cameras are completely reliable and effective in terms of footage quality.


● High quality footage
● Large range and coverage
● Supports both indoor and outdoor security


● Comparatively expensive
● Lengthy installation

5. Vandal Proof Camera

Vandal Proof Camera-Best CCTV Security Camera System to Secure Your Business

The Vandal Proof camera is a uniquely structured dome camera that is specially made to survive longer and work better.

There are a lot of features of this camera that makes it outshine the others. Unlike others, they are highly climate safe, sturdy and smart. Some other characteristics that the camera holds- high resolution, waterproof, varifocal lens, pocket-friendly rate, good range, night vision, etc.

They are designed in a “vandal-proof” manner to perfectly fit the outdoor surroundings and survive in varying climatic conditions. Being said that, the overall look, structure, and features of the camera are completely worth its price.


● Supports both indoor and outdoor use
● Best Durability
● Sleek look


● Chances of sun glare and picture distortion
● Limited angle for adjustment
● Requires cleaning for outdoor use

All Cameras Price is Negotiable.

After looking at the different types of CCTV systems available in the market and their pros and cons, choosing the right one for your space completely lays on you.

Be it any of the above-mentioned cameras, they are going to work well but what is important is deciding which one perfectly suits your type of space. Choosing the right type of camera for the security of your business will lead to better results and will ensure that the camera functions well and more effectively.

CCTV systems involve a complete process. Choosing the right camera doesn’t end the work, the process also involves fitting/ installing the system rightly in the given space.

After the installation, a proper check of the system is also to be done in order to know and make sure that the complete CCTV Security Surveillance System is performing the way it should. In all, securing your space with a proper security system is important and what is even more important is taking each decision of the process rightly.