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Deciding on the Best Free Mumble Server Hosting

Written by Micah Phillips

Mumble Server Hosting is something that very few people must have heard of because it is a sort of hosting server that has become popular in the recent times.  Mumble is a voice over internet protocol also known as VoIP, which was created principally for the use of gamers. Mumble was launched nearly ten years ago backing in the year 2005 as a free and open source piece of software that is now cross-platform. Much like other voice server software’s, gamers can now lease or purchase dedicated servers for their mumble hosting, as this offers a much more efficient alternative to hosting on a personal computer. The advantages of hosting a Mumble server through a hosting company includes lower latency, in-house support, 24/7 uptime and will also help you save money on electricity bills.

Why Mumble Server Hosting?

Mumble server hosting can be started from as low as a two person server right up to a 1000 + individuals all using the same connection. Still, mumble is very basic visually it offers a broad range of features and lets you open up multiple channels as well as switch between chats with ease. The mumble community is enormous and has an active user base for all the right reasons making mumble a good choice for gamers eyeing for a voice server.

Mumble is by far one of the most controversial products in the market as far as stable providers are concerned. Most of the Free mumble servers hosting providers receive more “Converts” to their service than any other product they carry.

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Features Included In Your Mumble Server


Below is a list of the functions that are explicit to best Mumble Servers. Below is a list of all the features that most of the good companies have on offer if you wish to take their services.

Mumble Channel Viewer Protocol

Only a handful of Mumble server hosting providers provide support and are well-matched with the Channel viewer protocol. What it means is that? You can use almost all the tools that are online to place a potential customer on your website that shows the existing users and channels that are there on your server at that moment.

Remote Control of Your Server

With the help of a customized control panel, you can restart, edit as well as completely control all characteristics of your server’s configuration files without ever being signed on the server.

No Limits on Voice Quality

Mumble has an all-out sound quality of 133.6 kilobits per second. This amount is more than ten times the maximum amount of voice data transfer that TeamSpeak 3 or Ventrilo can manage. You will have the ability to edit your mumble server’s voice quality randomly all the way from the default to the maximum of 133.6 kilobits per second. Do keep in mind that this number is the maximum that the software can handle in an instance. Any provider that states they deliver anything higher is simply lying to you.

Get Discounts on Longer Term Purchases of Mumble

Most of the big shots in the business will offer great discounts if you wish to take their services for a longer span of time. Moreover, you can also get some additional benefits that would also be of great help.

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Last but not the least when you will start looking available number available, you would see that there are many options, but only a few of them are worth considering. At the time of purchasing a Mumble server be sure to test the server out prior to buying that location. As most of the companies allow you to move locations if there is an issue with the service.

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