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10 Most Sought-After Apps to Predict the Weather for Android Users!

Apps to Predict the Weather for Android
Written by Ratnesh

In the times we live in, knowing the weather has become more important than knowing what you are going to eat throughout the day, especially in the UK.

Not knowing whether there would be a hailstorm or a blizzard can increase the chances of accidents on the road.

Zero visibility during the foggy winter months has accounted for more car crashes than we can even count.

Both of these scenarios have lead people to take on loans, from lenders like AOne Credit, to pay for the unexpected damages because of the unforeseen weather conditions.

So, do not let the weather catch you off-guard by installing any of these weather applications. These are claimed to be the best out there.

Must have Weather Apps

Google Weather

Can we talk about an android phone without mentioning Google? No, we certainly cannot. So, for all the android users, the best weather app is Google’s, which luckily for us comes pre-installed in our phones and can be seen on the home screen.

It is a pretty versatile app that will keep popping out notifications whenever there is a change in weather. Apart from the general weather information, the app provides its users’ knowledge about the precipitation, visibility, humidity and the hourly changes in the temperature.

I find the feature the best, which tells us how a temperature level feels. It might be 9°C, but you could feel the chill to your bones, and Google will tell you that 9°C feels like 4°C.

Met Office Weather App

In the second place comes the department responsible for significant weather predictions, the Met Office. Their app had to be in here amongst the top, with a rating of 4.6, can you even argue?

The app is highly accurate, as it should be since it is a government application. It can provide you with weather forecasts for the entire week ahead.

The best part of the app is its ability to send warnings of extreme weather and the air pollution levels of the location that you have saved in it. With the UK’s monsoon, that is indeed a blessing.

The standard app does feature ads; however, you can get the ad-free version for just £2.99.


This app claims to have “Superior Accuracy”, the app developer’s bank on it.

If you ask me why this is amongst the top in this category, I would say the reason is that it is the perfect blend of Google and Met Office Weather app.

It provides real-time alerts to the weather emergencies and lets you know the real feel of the current temperature with its trademarked RealFeel Temperature.

The fact that it can tell the user wheather predictions as far as 15 days in advance is remarkable too.


1Weather is another gem of an app. It checks all the boxes a weather app should check. With hourly updates, chances of rain, humidity, and visibility levels and the utterly essential UV Index, the app is quite good.

It has two best features,

One is that it can provide the user with a detailed look at the weather report for the upcoming 48 hours; And the second is that it can make accurate-ish predictions for the next 12 weeks. Yes, you read it right, not 12 days but weeks, which accounts for three months. I wonder how that is even possible.

BBC Weather

What is any news without the BBC? So, the BBC weather app is next on our list.

Its aptness in summing up the weather condition in just a few words comes in quite handy when in a hurry to make a decision.

Phrases like “sunny intervals and light winds” and “heavy snow shower and breezy” makes a person understand the weather scenario more than the numbers displayed.

The best part about this app is the fact that it allows you to share the weather on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. My mother loves this because she is a firm believer in sharing.

Weather by Weatherbug

With over 10 million downloads, about 1.2 million reviews, and a 4.7-star rating on play store, the app did deserve mention.

This app covers the weather conditions of as many as 90 nations and an overwhelming 2.6 million cities (I can’t even name these many). The even better part is that you can add as many cities as you want in the app and keep yourself updated with the weather.

The apps highlighting features are;

It can track the snow depths for the next 10 days along with snowstorms; in the brutal British winters, that is much needed.

Then is the fact that the app will also let you know if there has been as lightning strike within 10 miles of your area.

Today Weather

A reliable weather prediction, accurate humidity and dew point levels along with a focus on the concerning elements of the atmosphere including air quality, UV Index and even the pollen count, this application has excellent to know about every aspect of weather one can know about.

Its Radar feature makes it even better than it already is.

This feature assists the user by allowing him to identify the movement of precipitation and know which turn it is going to take, whether it would cause rain, snow, or a hailstorm.

Awesome Weather Yo Window+

It is the only app on this with a close to perfect rating of 4.8 stars on the app store. I cannot say the rating is undeserved.

The apps’ reliable sources for predictions make it one of the most accurate weather applications on the app store.

It is the best app in terms of its user interface. It shows what the landscape would look like with its weather predictions; from farms and valleys to bustling cities, it depicts it all. You can know what the scene will be outside your window, without looking outside your window.

The Weather Channel

Being an IBM business application, it was bound to be a good one.

This application monitors the weather diligently and updates the user hourly. It is also giving a glance as to what the next 15 days are going to bring.

It also alerts its users about the air quality and any storms that may happen to come your way.

The best part of the app is its Sweat and Umbrella Indices. I personally find them very useful. Wear a tube or a tank when the Sweat Index is high and avoid the sweat patches on your shirt, simple!

Weather Underground

This application has over 270,000 weather stations of its own, so its reliability is not a matter for discussion.

It has all the standard features of a weather forecasting app; however, what sets it apart is the fact that it is open for feedback.

Many a time, the forecasted weather is not what transpires, and this app’s makers understand this. That is why they have an option that allows you to tell them whether the prediction they made is the scenario or not.

I have not come across an app that is so willing to accept its mistakes in judgment so openly. Kudos to them!