What is the Scope of Cloud Services in India? Find the Answer.

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Written by Micah Phillips

Cloud computing is one of the fastest IT trends in today’s digital landscape. It has changed the way IT services are provided and how end users put them to use. Because it is helpful for diverse industries, it is growing on a high pace. It helps enterprises to save money while adding to the ease of the users. It benefits both, the service providers and the service receivers.

Cloud service technology has captured the Indian market strongly due to their higher demands and rapid growth in the IT sector.

Let’s dive deeper and get answer to the questions ‘what is the scope of cloud services in India.

Cloud Computing In India

The Indian IT sector employs more than 40% and is growing at 8% per year. Source. It is also expected to grow faster than ever in the country. According to the Financial Express, a leading daily English newspaper, more than 60% of Small and Medium Business (SMBs) are using cloud computing technology in India. The interesting fact is that this huge number of SMBs is served by the India-based cloud computing service providers.

Why companies are opting for cloud services

Cloud computing simplifies the user’s accessibility. It provides a virtual storage space which could be used easily.

Here are some reasons why entrepreneurs are opting for cloud computing.

  • Cost savings – Cloud computing is a cost-effective solution as it reduces the need of storage hardware and servers. You don’t need to invest for this.
  • Focusing on the business –With cloud service integration, every service is executed over the internet. Hence, there is nothing to worry about any technical glitches or other issues related to physical storage and backup. You can thus focus on your core business.
  • Reliable Performance – Where your business is established doesn’t matter. The cloud computing solutions enable you to enjoy reliable performance.
  • Security – Cloud computing is the high-tech technology. And, the service providers ensure robust security to protect customers’ data against any unauthorized access.
  • Flexibility – It may be that some parts of cloud environment don’t work; the other resources keep on working until the problem is resolved.

Why Choose Cloud Computing Service Providers in India?

With the launch of Digital India, which one of the key initiatives of the Indian government, India is giving a push to businesses to move to cloud computing. A good amount of money is being invested for the growth of IT industry among them a huge amount is associated with the cloud computing. The Indian cloud computing companies are focused on skills formation as they believe that it is important to handle complex tasks of cloud computing.

Therefore, they employ the individuals who are highly educated and experienced. They possess the ability to cater to the need. They are committed to bringing desired results.


With the government itself is focused on the growth of IT sector in India, the future of cloud services here is bright. Today, a number of small and mid-sized businesses are serving international clients by providing them with world-class cloud computing services. If you are also looking out for cloud computing service providers, don’t hesitate to hire Indian companies. You will get great service in deadline.

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