Write for us Guidelines

Your written blog must meet our requirements.
  • It should be in-depth, informative, Problem  solving topics.
  • The Content must be well-formatted. Use proper headings, Bullet points and paragraphs.
  • Don’t just use text without splitting it with sub-headlines as that can be very boring to read.
  • Blog content should be fresh and 100% Unique and in English Language.
  • Content length should be minimum 1500+ words.
  • “Content” should be related to our website content. Any non-relevant content will be rejected.
  • Use “3+ illustration images” in the content and  featured image is highly recommended with image source. Get high quality free image at pixabay.com
  • Add at least 5+ reference links in the content.
  • Content should be in storytelling format.
  •  Include stats. as much as possible in the content.
  • Use idioms & quotes  in the content.

What gets approved

  • in-depth, informative, Problem solving content, Strategy Post, Tactical/How-to Posts.
  • Cite and link back to credible sources/resources that can substantiate your claims and ideas.
  • Give relatable examples that help readers visualize the message you are trying to deliver to them.
  • Know the target audience for your post and write with them in mind.
  • Every image, video, or any other media that you may have included should not violate any copyright laws.
  • Any link that is useless or irrelevant will be removed. Don’t do keyword stuffing. Avoid being self-promotional

Keeping The Editor Happy

The less work the editor has to do on the post the quicker it is likely to be published. Currently, If you follow all the guidelines above then the less work for the editor, which means the quicker it will be published. There is a readability flag for SEO below the content. so please make sure that is Green before submitting your post. Those that are green will be published before others as they will need less work on them.


  • You will get backlinks to your blog for each article you submit here.
  • Seeromega is active and growing blog. So, you are getting exposure to our highly targetted traffic.
  • Increased exposure, traffic, loyal readers and SEO for your blog.

What do we need from you?

  • Full Name / Nickname (required): depending on what you prefer to be known as.
  • Your link (optional): Web site address or your Twitter, your Facebook page, your Google Plus page or any other web page.
  • Biography (optional): a short piece of text describing who you are and what you do.
  • Gravatar (optional): If you have not had a Gravatar account yet, you should sign up, it’s a free service that will benefit any posts or comments, you make on any blog and show a small picture of yourself so people can easily identify you.

SEO for Your Content

  • Fill in the SEO Yoast with your focus keyword, title, meta keywords and the meta description. Take note of the comments highlighted red below it to correct if needed. Until you get the green light for the SEO don’t leave the post as this information is there for you to ensure your post gets seen.

Yoast SEO

  • Fill in the excerpt.
  • Add tags – two or three long tail keywords that have preferably been used before. No more than that.
  • Choose a suitable category for your post – more than one is acceptable but don’t go mad adding to loads– if one isn’t there then you might be on the wrong site within Tweak Your Biz and need to publish in another eg. Finance, Technology, Marketing.

If you want to see your post published without any problems then please do follow all of the above guidelines.

We will review it and If you are article needs refinement, We will get in touch with you to let you know about changes.

Note: For Any Query Contact us  theseeromega[at]gmail.com

Once your article is approved and published on our website, you CAN NOT be able to Re-Publish the same article in any other website or blog. If we disapprove your article and not publish it on our site, then you can post it to any other website or blog.