Zoho vs Hubspot vs CircleOne CRM: Features & Pricing Comparison

Written by Micah Phillips

CRM software allows businesses to manage sales, marketing, customer service, and other processes. CRM software like Zoho, Hubspot, and CircleOne helps in managing customers effectively by creating easy workflows. Although any CRM can improve productivity, there are some distinct features of each one that makes them suitable for a particular business. Read on to find out what it does and the differences of features between Zoho, Hubspot, and CircleOne CRM.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho’s CRM software solution is suitable for both domestic and global businesses. The customer relationship management solution allows businesses to track and gain information about their various customer handling efforts. With a multichannel communication approach, this CRM software helps businesses in interacting with customers via e-mail, call, or social media.


What is Hubspot CRM?

Hubspot CRM can efficiently organize a company’s contact, sales lead information and every other interaction that occurs on any customer communication channel, such as social media, email, phone calls, website, etc. Hubspot CRM constantly helps in updating customer retention reports around promotional campaigns, and sales performance, etc., without human interference.


What is CircleOne CRM?

CircleOne is a cloud-based CRM software that helps enterprises in engaging with customers with multiple communication channels. The CRM solution automates various customer engagement activities like lead capturing, distribution, ticket management, etc. The program is designed to aid companies in both pre-sales and post-sales activities.

Zoho vs Hubspot vs CircleOne CRM Comparison

HubSpot vs CircleOne CRM Vs Zoho CRM: Customization factors

The ability to customize CRM software is also a point of distinction that varies from software to software. It allows an organization to customize and add new features in its CRM system, and leverage it to engage and interact with the customer.

Zoho CRM customization factors

Zoho CRM helps organizations in customizing business operations like sales and change in geographies. The CRM system easily deploys changes as per an organization’s requirements.

Hubspot customization factors

Hubspot CRM is highly customizable and hence flexible. It helps businesses in streamlining their conversation with customers and improves revenue over multi-channel platforms. This CRM software helps implement powerful features that lead to building strong customer relations.

CircleOne customization factors

CircleOne CRM helps in customizing workflows of enterprises based on their requirements. It generates detailed reports on your sales metrics, and lets organizations see through the conversion rate and their return of investment.

HubSpot vs CircleOne CRM Vs Zoho CRM: Pricing

These days every CRM software manufacturer has laid out their different price plans for different users. According to the plan, users pay for the kind of services they are looking for.

Zoho CRM Pricing

The base plan of Zoho CRM Plus is available at Rs. 3,000/- per month. The CRM software has plans like Starter, Professional, and Enterprise that cater to start-ups, company professionals, and large enterprises. The plans are also available on yearly basis at a discounted rate.

HubSpot CRM Pricing

HubSpot CRM system comes in different plans like Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The company has also rolled out a free version of the CRM software. HubSpot free CRM software features include live chat, conversational bots with limited features, team email, email scheduling, etc.

CircleOne CRM Pricing

CircleOne is available in four plans that are Eco, Optima, Premium, and Premium Sales. Out of these, Eco is the base model, Optima is the second base model and Premium and Premium Sales both are high-end models.

HubSpot vs CircleOne CRM Vs Zoho CRM: User Management

Let’s find out how these CRM systems help with user management:

Zoho CRM user management

Owners can add new users, specify roles to different users and limit access permission to Zoho CRM. Also, you can add multiple users from the sales, marketing, and customer service departments. Each individual sign-in their account using an email and password.

HubSpot CRM user management

Using the ‘add & edit users’ feature, the admin can limit access to new or existing users for a particular HubSpot account. You can change settings and restrict a user and assign content access to specific users.

CircleOne CRM user management

CircleOne gives the facility of limiting specific role-based access rights to prevent any unauthorized access. It centralizes all information and allows the organization to connect with its customers through multiple channels.

HubSpot vs CircleOne CRM Vs Zoho CRM: Reporting

Reporting is a key feature in customer relationship management as it helps you in analyzing what is happening in the organization. Through reporting, you get data that helps you in making strategic business decisions.

Zoho CRM’s reporting

Zoho facilitates the generation of detailed reports regarding workflows that helps in customer management as well. It enables you to create new module-specific reports that are linked with some other cross-functional modules.

HubSpot CRM’s reporting

In HubSpot, the users can generate attractive and customizable reports virtually any time. It also provides apps and dashboards to facilitate report generation. HubSpot’s reporting feature helps evaluate your overall marketing and sales strategies using a multitude of tools available with its CRM system.

CircleOne CRM’s reporting

It allows the managers to track the performance of workers as well as the situation of business at any point. CircleOne’s reporting provides your organization with insights that help your business leaders in making the right decisions.

Supported platforms

By adding more channels of communication, you can ensure increased performance across different business processes.

Zoho CRM’s support platforms

Zoho CRM provides an extensive platform that facilitates tighter integration with external systems and applications. It allows you to migrate your data easily through spreadsheets or to other CRM platforms.

Hubspot CRM’s support platforms

With Hubspot CRM, you get marketing automation software, sales CRM software, and content management software, which will help you in growing more traffic, convert more visitors, get deeper insights into sales data.

CircleOne CRM’s support platforms

Enterprises use this CRM software for its user management, email notification, and ticket management features.

CircleOne CRM software solution collects data across various channels such as phone, chat, social media, etc., and manages it on a single platform.

Zoho CRM vs CircleOne CRM Vs HubSpot: Benefits

The prime benefit of CRM software is that it helps you go deeper within your data and gives you a closer look at things. One of the biggest benefits of these CRM systems is that it helps manage leads, opportunities, and sales.

Benefits of Zoho CRM: Zoho has many advanced features that make it superior to other CRM options. It improves the sales, customer relationships and provides a detailed view of workflow. Some of the outstanding features of Zoho are:

  • Easy Lead Management, Contact Management, and Deal Management.
  • Workflow automation that saves time and improves accuracy.
  • Omnichannel communication integration to improve communication with customers.
  • A mobile app that promotes smooth workflow across platforms.
  • A dashboard to display features and reports.
  • Real-time notification to keep the owner’s update.

Benefits of HubSpot CRM

HubSpot provides real-time updates of entire sales via a dedicated dashboard. Some important benefits of being
HubSpot are:

  • The user can view the profits and losses, appointments, contacts, and more on a single platform.
  • It automates customer interactions through social media, email, and calls.
  • Helps in sending personalized and scheduled messages or emails.
  • Facilitates real-time notifications.
  • Users can easily call and even record any conversation with the customer.

Benefits of CircleOne CRM

CircleOne CRM software enables businesses to monitor their sales & services quickly. The benefits of deploying this
CRM are:

  • The vendors can contact customers through multi-channels like phone, chat, or email.
  • Use of chatbots for automatic conversations and resolution of queries.
  • The real-time conversation over chats improves the relationship with the customers.
  • A dashboard to track sales, participants, and the progress of the business.
  • Email notifications to inform the clients about new launches.
  • The software also helps in collecting data through social media and other channels.

Zoho Vs HubSpot Vs CircleOne CRM: The VERDICT

Out of the above CRM software, this is going to be a fractured verdict between the three. Zoho CRM works wonderfully for organizations looking for seamless omnichannel communication for their customers. Hubspot CRM, on the other hand, automates your customer interaction through social media. Whereas, CircleOne CRM’s bot chats help you improve the relationship with the customers.

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