Top 5 iOS Emulator for PC: Run iOS Apps on Windows PC & Laptop

Top 5 iOS Emulator for PC: Run iOS Apps on Windows PC and Laptop
Written by Micah Phillips

You get many advantages when you use an Android or iOS emulator for PC or to run a mobile application on the tablet, mobile, or desktop operating system. An emulator basically duplicates the behavior of the mobile device without adding any hardware cost to it.

For example, if you are interested in running games like PUBG, Pokemon Go on computers, laptops, etc, then you will need an emulator. Most of the developers use the emulators in the app testing process to find out the most unexpected behaviors in the app.

While you will find tons of Android emulators for your PC, you must not forget about the iOS audience that wants an iOS emulator for Windows 10 and Mac.

In order to help out the iOS users, we have collected the best iOS emulators for PC and Mac. In this article, we will introduce you to the best remote iOS simulator for windows. By using them, you can run your favorite iOS app or game on your Windows PC.

Similarly in the list, you will get to know about the top iOS emulator for App testing. Though some emulators need to have a technical setup to perform, some others work as simple apps on the computers!

What are iOS Emulators? Why Use iOS Emulator?

To run an app program, you want a working system. There are many working structures that had to run on PCs and Smartphones. The structure of various OSs are distinctive, that’s why you can’t use a program of an OS in some other OS.

To solve this problem, you need an Emulator!

The emulator allows the users to use a third-party software or app program on their working operating system without installing the required OS. An iOS emulator essentially creates appropriate surroundings and installs the iOS apps on Windows PC.

With this method, you can easily run iOS on PC!

Every emulator follows the virtualization era to create a digital machine. There isn’t anything you want to buy, not even an Apple smartphone. You should purchase or get the emulator from distinctive sources. It’s essential to recognize why to use an iOS emulator.

If you develop apps, then you could use an iOS emulator rather than iOS app developers to run and check your software!

Also, you can use an iOS emulator to apply apps which might be complete to be had for iOS. This article will assist you with it. We’ve supplied the pleasant iOS emulator to run iPhone apps on pc.

Firstly you want to put in and run any below-stated ios emulator and you then definitely want to download the iOS app or open it via the emulator you’ve already installed.

What are the Uses of iOS Simulators?

If you think that iOS emulators are only used to run iOS apps and iOS games on the Windows Device, then you are wrong. Actually, an iOS Emulator has numerous different use cases and those are as follows:

 You can use an iOS emulator to develop apps and software from a positive perspective.

 It may be used to run more than one gadget with one iOS Device.

 While running on checking out the apps, it may actually display you the troubles or errors on the very preliminary degree of growing the apps that could arise after the development process is over.

 You can take a look and test any app with a running tool.

 It simply enables us to apprehend approximately Xcode and iOS Development that are too very early than any app development.

 iOS emulator also works as a simulator to check out apps, perform simulation, and test apps.

iOS Emulators are easy, user-pleasant, and absolutely secure and safe to apply to any operating system. You can work on Windows, test, and run your iOS apps in Windows and get more assistance from the Emulators.


It is quite simple to say iOS Emulator as a gift to the app developers because iOS or iPhone emulator for Windows provides many advantages to them. Those are as follows:

 It is to be had free from cost, however, it’s totally upon you how much you buy the paid version.

 Easy to apply and install.

 User-pleasant interface.

 Can be optimized to run and take a look at numerous apps and find out about their troubles fore-fronted.

 Emulator acts as a sub-OS to check your apps as opposed to without delay checking it for your Windows Device.

DISADVANTAGES OF IOS EMULATOR: While analyzing and getting the expertise of the professionals of iOS Emulators, the most important thing is that it restricts best for low RAM eating apps and video games.

Let’s now check the top 5 iOS emulators for PCs that are able to run iOS Apps on Windows PC and Laptop!

Top 5 iOS Emulator For PC: Run iOS Apps On Windows PC And Laptop


It is developed using Adobe Air and allows you to access iOS apps free of cost. It is said to be the best iPad Simulator for Windows PC, you just need to download it and install it on your PC/Laptop to access iOS Apps. If you are interested to use iOS apps on PC, then just use its free version, otherwise, you choose the paid version to use additional inbuilt features. iPadian is fully compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Xamarin TestFlight

Xamarin TestFlight is owned by tech giant Windows. It is the best Emulator to run iOS apps efficiently on Windows. As it is a Windows product, the developers can update it on regular basis and make it fast as compared to its previous version. You can also use it for testing and debugging. Before publishing any app in the App Store, try testing it in TestFlight. The emulator has advanced support and a user-friendly interface with tons of functionalities. iOS version below 8.0 will not run Xamarin Testflight. Also, it is compatible with Mac and Windows and its pricing is $25 a month. A bit expensive but, best functional!

The second in the list is where you just have to upload an iOS app .Zip file or Android .Apk files. Within 30 minutes or less the file will load. you now have the chance to access the file from Windows, Android, and Mac. It is a cloud-based iOS emulator and is also compatible with browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

It is said to be the best emulator because it lets us develop and test the apps (iOS & Android) from the cloud storage. It’s an online cloud-based emulator that gives you 100 free minutes per month. To use it you have to visit Now you need to upload the app. Fill your email id and get the ap link from Appetize service. Check the link and run it! It is also a free/premium based best iOS emulator for PC.

Ripple Emulator

If and are browser-based emulators that let iOS app run on PC, then Ripple will surely amaze you because it is an extension-based iOS emulator. It doesn’t need any complicated setup and is popular enough to test cross-platform smartphone applications and HTML5 applications. Ripple helps developers of the PhoneGap app development framework by providing features like automated testing and debugging. it is completely free and runs applications on different screen sizes and devices.

NOTE: All the above-discussed iOS Emulators run iOS apps on Windows PC and Laptop. The list that we prepared is based on our own practical usage and experiences. However, there are more names in the list of iOS emulators!

Some Other iOS emulators are – Mobione Studio, SmartFace, iPad Simulator, iPhone simulator, iMame Emulator, Air iPhone, iDOS Emulator, Remoted iOS Simulator, Electric Mobile Studio, and Nintendo 3Ds Emulators.


So these are the top 5 best iOS emulators for PC, upon whose usage, you can run iOS apps on Windows PC and laptop. There are many other professional app development languages by whose testing you can try out in iOS.

All the iOS emulators mentioned above fit best in the testing of iOS apps and games on Windows PCs. These Emulators will work fine on any operating systems.

The only thing you have to do yourself is to download each emulator, use it for a time and then decide as per your preference which iOS emulator is fit for your Windows OS!

Let me clear one more important thing – Actually, the best iOS emulator is the one that has the ability to run all the Apple based applications smoothly in your computer and laptops. This is why I have discussed and mentioned several emulators. Understand your needs and use one of the above mentioned!

I hope you enjoyed the article while reading and properly grasped the required knowledge about emulators, their uses, advantages, and which is the best one to use!

If you have found your choice of emulator, then that’s really good, you can comment and appreciate my article. Otherwise, if you think I have missed something about the iOS emulators, then mention it in the comment section. I will update that in the article!