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Written by Ratnesh

Either you plan to start a blog or an ecommerce business for the first time; you will always target WordPress instead of other platforms for your website. What’s so special about this WordPress CMS? It’s because it’s an open source and easy to use platform for all. The platform offers several plugins and themes that make your work of website building quite easy. This also means, you don’t need to have good technical knowledge too.

Now, you are building a website that means you will surely require hosting. No doubt there are hundreds of hosting providers available in the market today. Unfortunately, all aren’t trustable or may be, don’t meet their commitments. The conclusion is you are all messed up with which one would be the best for you. Also, you would be finding for a Cheap WordPress Hosting provider that offers all the required features for your business.

MilesWeb is a proud promoter of WordPress in India and has now become the first Indian company to partner with Jetpack. This means they have something unique for you. So, ready to grasp more about their managed WordPress hosting? Let’s start then.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb, the leading provider for web hosting India has mastered in offering quality web hosting services with all the required features and plans. Founded in 2012, the company has always believed that web hosting needs to be fast, reliable, simple as well as affordable. This means they really know the expectations of their clients. They started this venture in order to support the growing online business and also meet the expectations of business users at budget friendly cost.

MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting

The popularity for WordPress hosting is growing and almost all hosting companies are trying their best to offer some form of optimized WordPress hosting.

But when it comes to managed WordPress hosting at MilesWeb, they stand unique from others.

May you be a blogger or a developer who’s looking for a fully loaded managed WordPress hosting service isolated from other users on the server, you have landed at the right place. You will get everything that you are looking for in a managed WordPress hosting plan at MilesWeb. Let’s check how their managed WordPress is hosting unique.

MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting Plans:

MilesWeb’s Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress Plans

Managed WordPress Hosting Features

Their managed WordPress hosting comes with some exciting features that make it awesome.

Automatic WordPress Updates:

MilesWeb offers automatic updates for your WordPress hosting platform. This means you don’t need to manually check and install the updates. The WordPress upgrades are done automatically by the software present at the backend of your website. In addition, their technical professionals also keep a track on the new releases and make it a point that all important updates and core plugins related to WordPress are installed on your website immediately after they are released.

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Server Level Caching:

You get Litespeed cache, a built-in, all-in-one site acceleration plugin that offers exclusive server level cache and a pool of optimization features. The plugin can be disabled as and when required inside the managed WordPress interface. It manages the complex caching plugins and also accelerates the WordPress website. Additionally, it supports the WordPress Multisite and is consistent with popular plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and bbPress.

Fast SSD Storage:

MilesWeb offers enough storage space for the site requirements with all the WordPress hosting plans. The SSD drive storage helps in giving up to 200% better performance in comparison to traditional hard drives.

Free SSL Security:

Your website is continuously monitored by the security experts for tracking the WordPress vulnerabilities. Their WordPress plans include Let’s Encrypt SSL that secures your website data whenever it is transmitted between you and your site visitors. You don’t need to spend extra on SSL certificate as every single WordPress website that’s hosted with MilesWeb is SSL certified. With Let’s Encrypt SSL you can run your business peacefully and focus on growth instead of worrying about the threats.

WordPress Pre-configured:

Your website management becomes quite easy with MilesWeb’s preconfigured WordPress feature. WordPress is installed with the use of several themes and plugins that are certified. This reduces your efforts for setting up and configuring WordPress to a great extent.

Fast Provisioning:

Want ultra-fast, robust and scalable hosting for your WordPress sites? Then MilesWeb is the best solution. Their scalable cloud architecture enables launching of cloud instance just with few clicks and you can make your project live within few minutes. They also offer additional features like SSD hardware, LiteSpeed server caching, PHP 7 and HTTP/2 support in order to speed up your WordPress website.

Secure Email:

You get email accounts with each of the MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan so that you can create multiple email addresses with IMAP/POP/SMTP accounts. Additionally, they also offer the unlimited support for autoresponder, email aliases and mail forwards.

Jetpack Premium/Professional:

Find hassle-free designing, marketing and security all at one place with Jetpack feature offered with MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans. You can not only display ads of high quality but also enable auto-social sharing and re-sharing, auto-updates plugin and secure your website by spam filtering and malware scanning. The list doesn’t stop here. The bonus point is that you get this feature free as it’s already included in their standard WordPress plans.

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MilesWeb’s Technical Features Offered in WordPress Plans:

Cloudflare Railgun:

CloudFlare offers Railgun which is a wide area network (WAN) optimization technology that helps to boost the performance of non-cached web pages. Railgun offers fast connection between your web hosting server and the CloudFlare CDN.

HTTPS By Default:

HTTPS is a significant indicator that determines your website’s security. But with MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting you don’t need to worry about the website security as all websites hosted here are automatically configured with HTTPS. The traffic between your site and its visitors is encrypted with their HTTPS feature and your SEO too gets boosted.

GZIP/Brotli Compression:

The size of your website doesn’t matter; it will always run fast when hosted with MilesWeb. The gzip compression software included in their WordPress hosting plans helps to improve the delivery time for sites of different sizes. It also helps in reducing the amount of data sent from your server to the visitor’s browser and increasing the website speed considerably. Additionally, it also helps in server load reduction.

SFTP Access:

For a secure file transfer between the networked hosts, it is very important to have SFTP. Forget the old, slow and insecure FTP and get SFTP at MilesWeb for additional security. It also helps you in managing remote file system by permitting the applications to restart the interrupted file transfers, list remote directory content and delete remote files.


MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting also offers WP-CLI or WordPress Command Line Interface which is a powerful tool set that enables interaction with your website in the form of command line or even programmatically. They not only support WP-CLI but also include the advanced commands such as wp-doctor and wp-profile.

Dedicated WordPress Support:

The experts of MilesWeb are available 24/7 for helping you to resolve the issues occurring on your WordPress website. They are available via email, phone as well as chat. The plus point is that they also guide you on improving your website performance.

Daily Backups:

MilesWeb has always taken care of its customers and so, you don’t need to worry about your backup as it’s taken once every 24 hours and restored free of cost. They offer cloud backup software that monitors all the changes done on your website on daily basis and enables you to recover all the data instantly within few clicks.

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The integrated CDN service offered with MilesWeb WordPress hosting helps in expanding the reach and performance of your website ultimately, leading to improved experience for global visitors. The CDN uses the gzip compression for decreasing the data size as well as the bandwidth cost and also offering high-availability and enabling fast page loads.


You can create a complete copy of your WordPress website with all the database, website files and settings with the cloning feature offered by MilesWeb WordPress hosting. Creating a copy of your WordPress site within few seconds is very easy with their one-click cloning tool. It is possible to clone the website when you are performing tasks like testing a new theme, integrating the functionality of a new plugin, developing your website, migrating your site to other host or implementing any significant update.

Server-side Optimizations

MilesWeb offers servers with specified configurations to help boost your WordPress website performance. Enabling gzip compression, web server caching and setting cache headers too help in server load reduction per visitor.


It’s important to clear the cache in WordPress regularly as it reduces the load time for your website. MilesWeb offers caching tool which discovers data that loads frequently and keeps it ready for display, immediately when the website is requested.

Coming to the conclusion, the tagline of MilesWeb itself says everything about them – “Your Hosting Our Responsibility”. This indicates that they care a lot for their customers and help their business to grow by offering the required features. It can be said that MilesWeb is packed with all the essential WordPress features, helpful support options as well as budget friendly pricing. Finally, you will find that MilesWeb managed WordPress hosting review has given a clear view of their services in comparison to others.

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