Send Fax from Macbook: A Complete Guide in 2021

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Written by Ratnesh

Although fax may sound old-fashioned, the technology is still in use today. Most businesses and government departments still value fax over email because of its security.

Fortunately, technology allows you to fax from any device including your MacBook. Online fax services make it possible to send and receive faxes online. In this guide, you will learn how you can easily fax from MacBook, with GoogleFaxFree, the most powerful fax blog at your back.


To start faxing from your MacBook, there are several things you need besides your computer.

● Online fax service – CocoFax
● Fax number – CocoFax lets you choose a custom fax number
● Internet access

CocoFax – The recommended online fax service for MacBook

According to GoogleFaxFree, CocoFax is the most reliable online fax service. GoogleFaxFree is a blog about online fax services. With CocoFax, as GoogleFaxFree indicates, you can send fax from computer including MacBooks.

Send Fax from Macbook

Over a million users across the globe trust and use CocoFax. Regardless of whether you have a MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, or MacBook Air, CocoFax makes it easy to fax.

Besides, you can fax from any Mac without a fax modem. CocoFax’s online fax service is gaining the attention of media outlets like the New York Times and Forbes.

Professionals trust CocoFax for their faxing needs. CocoFax eliminates the need to wait before sending or receiving faxes. Best of all, CocoFax provides users with different ways of faxing.

It transforms MacBooks into premium fax machines. CocoFax lets you fax from the CocoFax portal, email, or smartphone app. Thanks to its versatility, you can even fax using Office 365 and Google Drive.

Sending a fax from MacBook via email

Here are the steps involved if you want to send a fax via email from your MacBook.

Step 1: To get started, you need to sign up for the service using your email address. Visit the official CocoFax website to sign up. As you sign up, CocoFax will allow you to choose a custom fax number.

Send Fax from Macbook

Step 2: On your MacBook, log into your email address. Next, open a new email window to compose fax. Provide the fax number of the recipient within the ‘To’ field. Make sure the fax number is followed by

For example, if the recipient fax number is 12345 then it should look like this [email protected] It will be redirected to the CocoFax server where it will be converted into fax before transmission.

To add a cover page, provide its content in the email body. As well, you can include a top note by filling the Subject field. CocoFax also allows you to attach multiple files since it merges them into one before sending the fax.

Step 3: When you are done composing and proofreading the fax, hit the Send button. CocoFax will instantly receive and convert it into a fax before transmitting it.

CocoFax will send you a notification on whether the fax was successfully sent or not. If you experience transmission problems, contact the recipient to know if the fax machine is busy.

Receiving faxes via email: CocoFax makes it easy to receive faxes via your email address. The online fax service automatically forwards all incoming faxes into your email in pdf format. Log in to the email address to access them.

You will receive email notifications for every received fax. The notifications ensure you never miss alerts or faxes.

Sending a fax from MacBook via CocoFax dashboard

CocoFax has an intuitive user interface which makes faxing easy. Below are the steps involved:

Step 1: On your MacBook, visit the official CocoFax website and signup for an account. As you sign up, you will get a free fax number and a free trial period.

Step 2: Next, log in to your CocoFax dashboard. To start composing your fax, hit the ‘New Fax’ button. A new fax window will open that will allow you to craft new fax.

Send Fax from Macbook

Step 3: Fill in the necessary details in the popup window starting with the recipient fax number. Provide the recipient fax number inside the ‘To’ field. To add a note and a cover page, fill the subject and body fields respectively.

CocoFax will allow you to attach files such as pdf, png, and jpg. CocoFax will merge the files into one file before sending the fax.

Step 4: Crosscheck to make sure the content of the fax is correct as well as the recipient fax number. Once you are done, click the ‘Send’ button.

The fax will instantly be transmitted to its recipient. In your inbox, you will receive a notification for each sent fax indicating if it was successful.

was successful

Receiving faxes: With CocoFax, receiving faxes in your dashboard is much easier compared to sending them. All incoming faxes are in the inbox folder. Also, CocoFax will send you notifications for each incoming faxes.


Online fax services make it easy to send faxes from a MacBook. These allow you to fax from your computer or smartphone. Some online fax services like CocoFax let you send fax from your email or dashboard.