6 Freshworks CRM Alternatives & Competitors

Freshworks CRM Alternatives
Written by Micah Phillips

Freshworks was formerly known as Freshsales. With an eye on all things CRM and automation, this platform has proved to be a worthy tool for upcoming businesses as well as large corporations for a number of reasons. This might be one of the reasons we are seeing so many Freshworks competitors who have come up in order to revolutionize the way we conduct business – inside out.

Before we go any further and discuss the various Freshworks alternatives, it would be imperative to understand exactly what one should expect from an alternative to Freshworks or any similar platform.

CRM and Related Matters

A Freshworks alternative is basically a CRM and a marketing or sales automation platform. What does this mean for someone who is running a business or even starting something new? CRM is customer relationship management and it can catapult you into a more professional space. This would help your customers and prospects take you more seriously. Here’s how:


One of the best things that you can expect from a Freshworks alternative is that it will make your brand seem like a more authentic and reliable one. It will change the way you communicate and how you manage to bring in the right information at the right time so that there is much satisfaction for the customer at the end of the day.
Information Handling:

There are many different kinds of information that one has to deal with every single day, while running a business and trying to grow it. The information pertains to sustaining operations and growing the scale of your business as well. You can be sure that the right Freshworks competitors will allow you to manage and handle the information in an optimum way.

Data Driven Operations:

Whether you have to run a campaign or call up the right information while having some interaction for customer service, you can easily rely on an alternative to Freshworks in order to get data driven operations based on the information that you have managed on the CRM system. This means that the right data and information will be matched with the right functions.

Understand your Customers:

When all the operations depend on data, then you can be sure that you will have a better understanding of exactly what your customers want. This would also support your engagement functions when you have to convert a prospect into a customer. The data that is mined thanks to the CRM system and the marketing automation functions thanks to a Freshworks alternative. This would help you understand exactly how to approach your customers.

When you are busy running your business, you would have to also know whether or not you were performing well. This means you would have to find out whether or not you are in the right direction. The alternative to Freshworks will be able to point you in the right direction with recommendations and analysis of how you are performing in the face of your goals and targets.


Safety and security of all your business information would be a priority when you turn to one of the Freshworks competitors. Not only would your data be secure, but it would also be in one place for all your team members to access. You can also grant limited access to the various team members as well so that there is better accountability within the team.

Revenue Growth:

Businesses are run with the aim of earning revenues. This would be facilitated with the various tools and features that are available on CRM platforms like Freshworks alternatives. This would mean that the lead generation and lead scoring would help in setting the sales pipeline in a way that conversions would be a sure shot thing and conversions would happen much faster.

Omni Channel Presence:

With an alternative to Freshworks, you would be able to spread your wings and truly make a dent online, on various channels with data driven campaigns that speak the language of the audience on that specific channel. This would help you make conversions faster since your marketing funnel and sales pipeline would both be connected to all these channels for lead generation.

Enhanced Revenue:

Once you have taken on a Freshworks alternative, you would be able to see the enhanced revenues flowing in thanks to all of the benefits that we have mentioned above.

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Let us now have a look at some of the worthy Freshworks competitors that would be well suited for you and your business as well as the teams that you employ:

Freshworks CRM Competitors

EngageBay: This would be one of the best Freshworks alternatives since it comes at a far lower cost than most of its competitors. It also has many more features form lead generation to lead scoring and much more. You can also get constant support here.

Nimble CRM: This is also a well known CRM and automation platform that has many features that are spread out over email marketing more than anything else. This also limits the audience size that you can reach out to.

NetHunt CRM: This platform comes at quite a high cost even though it has many features that could help many kinds of businesses. With this CRM platform, you also get automation. Yet, it would be difficult to afford.

Insightly CRM: This is a well known platform with many kinds of features to help all kinds of business, but it is quite expensive.

Creatio: This platform caters to email marketing, yet it has very limited features which would limit your growth.

Sugar CRM: Sugar CRM is primarily known for its email marketing side, but it is difficult to use and you do not get much support. You would also have to pay much more as compared to other platforms.

All in all, one can easily see that EngageBay CRM and automation would be the way to go when you are looking at a cost effective and feature heavy alternative to Freshworks for business.

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